Time to set up everything

My previous job was great, I made video and/or websites on a daily basis (still need to get the last website updated). Loved working with my “boss”, well we where two so not sure if you could call it a traditional boss employee relationship. But since our biggest partner and now gone bankrupt (they still owe us a great deal of money), there is not enough work to have me employed 🙁 So now it time to take a big step in  a direction again, at a crossroads if you will.

Video, web and social media is my bread an butter so have decided to keep it in between these three. Now its time to try and make some money, don’t know exactly yet. But need update the website, the portfolio, catch up on my resume and get some good notes from previous people I worked with.

I have also though a-lot about becoming self-employed, my own boss, I do have the skills, but dont know if I have the talent for being my own man. Its however one of the things I want to try out, or maybe become a teacher in the 3 subjects I mentioned earlier (Video, web and social media), the best way to reflect and become better it to lean somebody else to do what you know.

One of the things I want to try in the new year is to see if I cant make a living on youtube, In the last years I have been running a webshow on youtube called LarpForge, and in the last months if have started genereting a little amount og cash, not much, not even enough to cover the video expenses. However I have thought a lot about it, and I have set myself some goals, and I want to try and raise the amount of income it generates. However Youtube can not be only income in this matter, so this is some of the things I need to tackle in the future (together with paying rent, taking care of my friends, family, not to mention my fiancé + our hamster ^_^ ).

Guessing the hardest part would be to convince people that it can create a stable income.

So there is a lot of things to do. Update the website, establish myself as a freelancer and expert in Video, web and social media. Plus try to make an income through my webshow.
I am so nervous, but at the same time excited and so frightened I could cry. Afraid that I cant make a income, that I we will have to move and that I will ruin not only my own, but also my fiancés life.
At the same time as I wright this down, I am also get a some sort of relief.

It will be an interesting future, and I am looking forward to try it out.