Music video with Rasmus Skøtt ft. Veronica Jensen

In February I was out to help film this music video.

First time I ever have really closeup and active on a set with a Red camera.

And Damn I can tell you these are heavier than they look. Very glad we had our on a tripod.

Granted I did not do much other than being a runner, help with light and smaller stuff, but it gave some insight into how to work with the camera type, what you can pull out of such a camera.

Filmed by Morten L. Kronborg, CROWN PRODUCTION.

Granted it never looks great right out of the camera, but that is RAW footage for you, always have this almost monotone color scheme.

I did do the bts together with friend and fellow LARPer – Sebastian B., footage I hope to be able to put together to some behind the scene.