I am fired

Or more precisely I am not garnered a job from Januar 2016.
Its sad, but also a little funny to receive this message, on Friday the 13. This day is truly scary Muahhahaha.
Have in the last year worked as a Videograph (video maker), at a small company by the name of Crown Production. Loved it making videos of all sorts. All from music videos, event coverage to interviews, but mainly videos for companies, products and etc..

Unlucky the company that have been providing us with most job’s, have had some trouble paying our job’s, which have resultet in s delivering our video’s with a watermark on until we received payment. This help out getting our payment on time, for a short while. But now they are at it again, the owe us a big time of money for around 8 jobs. And as project leaders and economist are leaving their company, we are must prepare us for the worst possible outcome, that they will be bankrupt, and we will possible not see the money they owe us.

Will not go into more details about the company or the amount of money they owe us, since they are not bankrupt yet and things might turn around.

Its ironic, since it was the job’s provide from that company, that made it possible for me to be hired in the first place, and now its the reason for my leave.

But as I stated last friday, friday the 13, I was given the word that I might need to go look for another job. Or even better create one for myself. Which is was I properly are going to do.

YouTube is part of the future:

In the weeks, I will try to make my webshow LarpForge reach around 1000 views per week, a gain 1000 extra subscribers and  get the watch time up in a big plus.

This is very modest goals, but I will try to make them realistic. The final goal is to be able to make a living of it, so with a little number crunching around 30000 views per month, with a retention rate of 80-90% pr video, would be a good goal. That is very optimistic now, but its a goal that ultimate is reachable:)

If you wan to support LarpForge, you can subscribe to the channel right here :


This do however not need only to be from LarpForge and youtube ad revenue only, I will also try to finally finish a few video’s I have had laying around and set up a website for LarpForge, with stuff to buy. Have been looking into the Spreadshirt thing for a while now, not all that impressed but might give it a go.

Some of the video’s I have laying include a web series centeret around the group I play LARP with, “the Kettles”, so that would totally be relevant in connection with LarpForge.

Going online  with video is off-cause not my only option, is also planing on writing a book. I could also go for what people call a real job, and I will off cause also offer myself as freelance videographer,  webdesigner and socialmedia manager/strategist.

So much stuff to do, so little time. Now I will leave you and try to make a future for myself and my family, on the interwebs 🙂